Food & Dairy Technology

Tropilite Foods Pvt Ltd focuses on the development of cost effective and high nutrition functional food ingredients. We provide one of the world’s broadest and strongest product offerings of value-adding ingredients to the food industry. Our activities are driven by an ambition to develop new knowledge, new products and new applications for the benefit of our customers worldwide.

R&D Activities
  • Development of new cost effective and more competitive food products from customer point of view.
  • Value-adding ingredients in existing products.
  • Development and formulation of functional foods.
  • Development of formulations of the some important bakery and food ingredients, such as piping gel, muffins, chocolate cream, cooking cream, egg free mayonnaise, etc.
  • Standardization of the developed formulations.
Microbial Biotechnology

With a long history of safe use in food, the selected cultures for the fermentation of dairy products have seen a tremendous increase. There is an upsurge in interest about these species as research is beginning to reveal the associated health benefits. The starter cultures are formed using a specific cultivation medium and a specific mix of fungal and bacterial strains. Typical microorganisms used in starters include various bacteria and fungi (yeasts and molds), and the industrial starters include various enzymes as well. The industrial use of starter cultures in the food industry depends on the concentration and preservation technologies used, which are required to guarantee the long-term delivery of stable cultures in terms of viability and functional activity.

More research work needs to be done to confirm the role lactic acid bacteria might play in preventing or slowing the growth of colon cancer, in lowering cholesterol levels, preventing urogenital infections, alleviating constipation and treating food allergy. Tropilite Foods Pvt Ltd focuses on isolation, improvement, establishment and development of mass production technology of Probiotics and Yeast for the varied application in dairy fermentation, bakery and brewing industry.

R&D Activities
  • Isolation, improvement, establishment and development of mass production technology of strain specific Lactic Acid Bacteria (Probiotics) and development of new formulations for application in fermented dairy products as starter culture.
  • Isolation, improvement, establishment and development of mass production technology of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Yeast) for application in baking and brewing industry for fermentation.
  • Standardization of upstream, downstream, freeze-drying process for large scale production.
Plant Biotechnology

Tropilite Foods Pvt Ltd has recently entered in Biotechnology era by focusing on the development and formulation of natural drugs from natural and in-vitro plants. We have an established plant biotechnology laboratory consisting plant tissue culture lab, plant molecular biology lab, and the facility for isolation and characterization of secondary metabolites. The company is engaged in development of constantly growing line of original and inventive orders with wide range of Stevia, Bacopa, Momordica, Chlorophytum and other medicinally and economically important plant species. We are also focussed on the development of new innovative and high quality plant varieties.

R&D Activities
  • Conservation of Germplasm of RET (Rare, Endangered and Threatened) plant species and wild medicinal plants.
  • Micropropagation of anti-cancerous, anti-diabetic and anti-HIV plants and their large scale cultivation.
  • Production of biologically active compounds from developed cells and callus system.
  • Production of in-vitro secondary metabolites.
  • Agrobacterium mediated gene transformation and secondary metabolites production from several medicinal plants.
  • Crop improvement and breeding of highly economic crops through Micropropagation technology and Protoplast fusion.
  • Isolation, purification, characterization and formulation of biologically active metabolites.
  • Preparation of pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Clinical trials of biologically active metabolites.