Dr. G.S. Davar (Managing Director)

Dr. G.S. Davar post-graduated from Central Food Technological Research Institute (Mysore) and went on to pursue higher study in West Germany upon securing Carl Duisburg Scholarship. In 1995, he was awarded “Udyog Ratna” award at the hands of Shri Vasant Sathe. Dr. G.S. Davar has served as Head of the Food Technology department in the Institute of Applied Nutrition at Pusa Campus, New Delhi. His work has been devoted to the development of hydrocolloids based formulations for application in the food ingredients as import substitutes of Sodium Alginate, Carrageenans, Locus Bean Gum, Gum Tragacanth for their use as quality improvers in the Dairy and Bakery products, Sauces and Gravies, and Extruded products. All the formulations are registered and bear either the prefix ICO or the suffix PODRIC.

Mrs. Meera Davar (Director)

Mrs. Meera Davar is a self-disciplined and a naturally talented person. She has a good insight into the art and science of food processing and product development and holds the key to all the formulations developed under German technical know-how in the laboratories at Davars. Every single product gets tested, inspected and approved under her careful observation. She has always had a larger sense of purpose and hold enormous capacity to almost effortlessly organize and manage different institutions besides her own enterprise. She has served as Director of Central Social Welfare Board and has also made vital contribution as the Board Member of Jiwaji University, as the Zonal LIC Advisor, as the organizer for I.G. working women hostel, and as a patron for All India Magneto Therapists Association. She has worked with such devotion and fervor in establishing self-employment opportunities for women entrepreneurs, thereby lending dignity and self-reliance to the deprived. An attitude of modesty, humility and sobriety constitute her personality.

Mr. Puneet Davar (Chief Executive Officer)

Mr. Puneet Davar is an MBA with specialization in food technology. He assumed the responsibility of CEO in the year 1999 with the firm belief that the well organized systems and processes together drive the business, and not the individuals. His hands-on experience in product processing, production, quality control, marketing and efficient application of management techniques held him in good stead. He has lead the company into effective participation in the major food ingredients event ‘AAHAR’ in India and the food ingredients exhibitions in Singapore, China, Germany and UAE. His special interest in innovation and R&D program made him identify the best of the biotechnologists and microbiologists in establishing state-of-the-art laboratories for the development of products with culture and fermentation technology. A separate laboratory devoted fully to the development of high nutrition, cholesterol free frozen or tetra packed non-dairy products was also set up under his leadership. The above visionary approach of Mr. Puneet Davar has brought sustained breakthrough results pretty early in the business.