Late Dr. GS Davar (Founder)

Dr. Davar was an accomplished food scientist who started his career in research in food science and technology after completing his post-graduation from Central Food Technology Research Institute (Mysore) and doctoral thesis from Germany that he completed on Carl Duisburg Scholarship. He also served as Head of the Food Technology department in the Institute of Applied Nutrition at Pusa Campus, New Delhi. Armed with this strong academic and research experience, his early focus on the development of indigenous solutions to replace imports of various food ingredients provided a strong growth impetus to Davars Organics (later named Tropilite Foods). His work particularly focussed on the development of hydrocolloids based formulations for application as import substitutes of Sodium Alginate, Carrageenans, Locus Bean Gum, Gum Tragacanth for their use as quality improvers in the Dairy and Bakery products, Sauces and Gravies and Extruded products. His contribution to the growth of domestic food ingredient industry earned him richly deserved accolades and in 1995 he was awarded the prestigious “Udyog Ratna” award.

The company’s strong rooting in research and innovation lies in the vision and leadership of Late Dr. Davar who served as its Managing Director for more than three decades until his passing in 2016. Dr. Davar has left a legacy of continuous innovations, teamwork and market orientation which continue to be an integral part of Company’s core philosophy.  

Mrs. Meera Davar (Chairperson)

Mrs. Meera Davar is a guide, mentor and the force behind nurturing Tropilite since the very beginning in partnership with her husband, Late Mr. G.S. Davar. Under her able leadership, the company has successfully managed its transition from a family promoted enterprise into a process-focussed professional entity. She serves as the brand custodian of the company and is the guide behind company’s dogmatic focus on product quality and new product development. 

She has always had a larger sense of purpose and holds enormous capacity to almost effortlessly organize and manage different institutions besides her own enterprise. She has worked on multiple projects for social good. She has served as Director of Central Social Welfare Board and has also made vital contribution as the Board Member of Jiwaji University and as a patron for All India Magneto Therapists Association. 

She has worked with such devotion and fervor in establishing self-employment opportunities for women entrepreneurs, thereby lending dignity and self-reliance to the deprived. An attitude of modesty, humility and sobriety constitute her personality.

Mr. Puneet Davar (Managing Director & CEO)

Puneet is a qualified and proven hands-on chief executive with significant industry experience. He has led the Company with example over two decades. Under his leadership, the Company diversified into new line of businesses including food services, probiotic and frozen ready to eat products. Puneet enjoys being in the market meeting customers as well as rolling up sleeves to work together in developing new products with R & D team. Capacity building in the areas of research, sales & marketing and new product development and strategic partnerships for growth capital and business sustainability have been Puneet’s key focus areas.

In addition, he has been instrumental in bringing a solution-oriented mind-set in the company, spotting new product trends early on and backing them with resources for marketplace successes. The company’s successful foray in Starter Cultures for Dahi (Indian yogurt) business by successfully developing and scaling up commercial production of bacterial cultures in India (unique and only company in India doing it) is a well-deserved testimony to this claim. Puneet has worked hard to build a professional organization with strong self-driven leadership team. He has set his vision to make Tropilite one of the leading and most respected food solutions company in the world.

Puneet is an MBA with specialization in food technology. He lives in Gwalior along with his wife and two children.