Bakery Items Exporter and Supplier in India – Davars

Tropilite Foods Pvt Ltd (TFPL) has a well-known repute in the food processing industry. Established in the year 1982 by the Davars Group, it was formerly known as ‘Davars MP Organics’. The group founder Late Dr.GS Davar was a visionary enthusiast. The same spark kept igniting the minds of his progeny who made a mark in their destined disciplines.

The Research & Development division of TFPL is recognized by Department of Science and Industrial Research (DSIR) under Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. The company has in-house R&D laboratories for the development and standardization of food, pharmaceutical and industrial grade additives which were essentially import substitutes of Carrageenans, Pectin, Sodium Alginates, Locust bean gum, PGA and gum Tragacanth. Our state-of-the-art laboratories are capable of analyzing and investigating properties of indigenous available hydrocolloids, low cost, high nutrition ingredients and other food elements. All the products developed are approved by C.S.I.R. before actual production release for use by the industry. Based on the consistent quality of our products and our unwavering focus on QC and R&D activity, our products have received the best ratings. The company has always placed importance on innovation and thus continues to develop and offer newer and novel products.


To judiciously deploy modern scientific and technical tools, consistently cover all the health and hygiene related bases. And proactively provide our clients newer and novel products in excess of their demand and imagination. And apply our thought and action via R&D with an ever widening vision.


To empower our customers everywhere by working with and for them and deliver to them a unique combination of profitable and usable best practices and capabilities to maintain quality and continually improve their product offerings.

Executive Team

Late Dr.GS Davar


Dr. Davar was an accomplished food scientist who started his career in research in food science and technology after completing his post-graduation from Central Food Technology Research Institute (Mysore) and doctoral thesis from Germany that he completed on Carl Duisburg Scholarship.

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Mrs. Meera Davar


Mrs. Meera Davar is a guide, mentor and the force behind nurturing Tropilite since the very beginning in partnership with her husband, Late Mr. G.S. Davar. Under her able leadership, the company has successfully managed its transition from a family promoted enterprise into a process-focussed professional entity.

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Mr. Puneet Davar

(Managing Director & CEO)

Mr. Puneet Davar is a qualified and proven hands-on chief executive with significant industry experience. He has led the Company with example over two decades. Under his leadership, the Company diversified into new line of businesses including food services, probiotic and frozen ready to eat products.

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Food Safety Policy

M/s Tropilite Foods Pvt. Ltd., (TFPL) commits itself towards the production of safe, nutritious, innovative & high quality food products complying with statutory & legal requirements. The commitment will be demonstrated with the implementation of the following:

  • A) A clear and measurable Food Safety Management System throughout the Supply Chain.
  • B)  Continuous focus on improving our systems and process to deliver Quality product.
  • C) To work as a team with our channel partners, business associates and employees to innovate and deliver the consumer interest at all times.
  • D) Communicate food safety issues to suppliers, contractors, customers and consumers by establishing specifications for ingredients and packaging materials, product storage and consumer guidelines.

Quality Policy
TFPL is committed to:
  • Continually improve the process and quality of products to meet the expectations of the customers.
  • Follow the Acts, Rules, Regulations passed by the Central and State Governments for running of industries.
  • Create ethical, healthy and tension-free work environment in order to have a well knit, motivated and happy workforce.
  • Train its employees for efficient functioning, as also for the periodical sharpening of skills for their growth and development. We also provide them with multiple opportunities for progress based on their merit, competence and skills.
  • Being sensitive and open to the requirements, feedback, suggestions or complaints of its customers and to provide them with customer care services for their satisfaction.